Services for designers

Talented designers around the world contact us frequently with questions about possibility to join the agency. Currently we represent ten talents, but we do provide services for designers outside of the agency, too.

Business coaching

Are you stuck with the opportunities of commercialization of your pattern designs? Do you have trouble with licensing your own copyrights or structuring agreements with your customers? Is the price that you get for your pattern on the right level? How to create a brand as an individual designer and what is designer’s style all about? Designers can book a one-hour-slot for business coaching sessions when we discuss topics related to pattern designing and pattern designers’ work.

There is an increasing number of designers that we have helped with this service, and they have gained both skills and confidence in approaching their customers and having a more profitable business.

Portfolio reviews

We want Patternsfrom Agency to be recognized as an agency providing truly unique, modern, Nordic pattern designs. The internal language of Patternsfrom Agency is still Finnish, which limits our ability to represent designers in good and bad.

However, we feel a lot of pressure to increase the number of designers in our agency (as there are so many talents out there!). That is why we meet new designer-talents at portfolio reviews about once a year. Designers book a 30-minute session with us there we go through their portfolios and we explain in detail how our agency works. Saying this, we meet personally all our designers before suggesting any agreements with the agency. It is not only about the skills to design, but it is also the personal chemistry that matters.

Sometimes our clients ask us design styles that we can not fulfill. Then we go through the designers and styles that we have met during the portfolio reviews, and suggest our customers speak directly with that particular designer instead.

International trade fairs

We suggest some designers join us at international trade fairs – that is already a big leap towards a partnership with Patternsfrom Agency. Most of the time we have met those designers at the portfolio reviews, but there are exceptions. At international trade fairs all designers design with pre-specified concepts set by the agency – no matter if the designer is signed with the agency or participating as a visiting star. For visiting stars the number of patterns is limited.

Lectures and workshops

Are you a group of designers perhaps in a design school that would love to hear more about the work of a design agent or something else that relates to our business field within design, patterns, copyrights, or commercialization? We are happy to help you further and prepare for you a presentation or a workshop about the wished topics either online or physically (in case the situation allows). We have various examples from the real world that we can share with you!