Patternsfrom Agency is the only agency for textile and surface designers in Finland. That has put us into a fortunate position, where we have been able to develop high standards for this business field in terms of responsibility and sustainability.

We provide highly responsible and sustainable surface design services and appreciate partnerships with companies sharing mutual values.

Short supply chain

Our supply chain is very short and transparent. We know all our designers and know their strengths and weaknesses as well. The designs do stand the test of time and can be used for years and years. We are willing to know our customers too, as our service requires personal contacts and the best outcome is with a long-term relationship. Also, we are willing to share our customers’ success stories there pattern designs have played a significant role.

Ownership of the copyrights

The patterns are never the property of Patternsfrom Agency, but of the designers. We are not selling patterns, but licenses to use the patterns commercially. That is why we always make a written agreement for the use of the patterns. We consider that designers do create equal value as any consultants, and they deserve to have a fair payment for their work.

Certified quality

We can offer exclusive patterns for very cheap prices, but in those cases, the markets and product groups will be limited. We are members of the Association of The Finnish Work, and they have given us permission to use the Design from Finland -label for our design and coordination services. The association has the responsibility as one of the membership criteria these days.

Membership of AGMA ry

We are also member of AGMA ry, Agents and Managers in Creative Industries. Jenni as the founding member of the association has been developing the Code of conducts for managers and agents in Finland, so naturally, Patternsfrom Agency is following that path. In 2021 Jenni made a return to AGMA’s board.

Exhibitions abroad

Exhibitions give us the biggest carbon footprint. We are annual exhibitors of Heimtextil and Japantex. However, we use the same decoration at trade fairs for one full year. As we build up and dismantle the exhibition booths by ourselves, the booth stays clean also after the fair and could be welcoming following exhibitor immediately. The amount of waste left behind after an exhibition is minimal.

When abroad for fairs, we refill the water bottles and use reusable thermos cups for the daily dose of coffee.

Other small, responsible acts

  • Our office building has solar panels on the roof, so all energy used at the office is green.
  • At the office, we recycle the waste in seven different bins.
  • We keep using the same digital devices for years.
  • We contribute to global welfare by donating money to projects that we consider important. The donated amount is roughly 0,7 percent of the annual turnover. In 2020 we purchased a share of Naisten Pankki – Women’s Bank with 750 euros. This initiative supports the education, livelihoods, and entrepreneurship of women in vulnerable contexts. In 2021 we donated 500 euros for The Baltic Sea Action Group for the wellbeing of the Baltic Sea as well as 375 euros for the Guides and Scouts of Finland for scouting is <3 <3. In 2022 we donated 400 euros for Médecins Sans Frontières, MSF. In 2023 we donated 400 euros for the mental health of the youth through Mieli ry and 400 euros for girls’ education/entrepreneurship through Kirkon Ulkomaanapu.
  • We sponsored our local municipality to plant cherry trees to act as carbon sinks and to bring joy to the people.

In short, as a company based in Finland, the Finnish government is guiding businesses towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through legislation. That is why we feel very natural and obvious with the responsibility issues. We update actively our Bulletin, and there we use #businessethics in relation to the stories that have something to do with the responsibility in our business.