Patternsfrom Agency’s design services in a nutshell

Published: 18/05/2020

Besides designing single patterns, we work also with large design management projects. Here below you can read about Patternsfrom Agency’s design services in a nutshell.

Creative pitch

We have a stock of hundreds of patterns in production-ready .pdf -files. This package includes our top picks based on your wishlist: more specified wishes give better hit rates!

This service is perfect for companies that know what they are looking for. You should have themes, materials, and mood boards ready, and be willing to share them with us confidentially. We will dig our archives, and make you a suggestion for 10 patterns. You should have a professional eye for imagining how the patterns would look like in the colors of your preferred color palette, as the patterns will be delivered as they are. To change the colors costs an extra 150 euros per pattern.

The price for the Creative pitch -service is 300 euros.

If you are willing to purchase the rights to use one or several of the given patterns, we will proceed further with an appropriate license and deduct the price of this service from the price of the license. The price depends on the exclusivity of the usage as well as the complexity of the pattern. The cheapest license is 300 euros for two years. You will receive all necessary information about the pattern and the designer as well as her image for marketing purposes of the final product.

So, instead of paying thousands of euros for a license to use a pattern stock and spending hours and hours for finding a suitable pattern, let us do the service for you!

Coordination of a collection and its colorway

If you do not have themes, materials, and mood boards ready, fear not! We can make them for you!

This service is perfect for companies that are looking for a true Nordic style as part of their bigger collection. We will create a design story/mood board as well as a color chart for you. The final color chart will include seven colors in either spring/summer or fall/winter colors. We choose ten patterns from our archives that are suitable for this concept and color them to the chosen colorway.

The price for Coordination of a collection and its colorway is 1900 euros.

The license to use the patterns is as above – the price is based on the exclusivity and complexity of the pattern. In the end, you will receive the chosen patterns in production-ready .pdf-files.

Patterns created on commission

Want to see something completely unique, which nobody has seen yet? This service is for you!

Give us the themes, colorways, and mood boards, and we will pitch you with 10 completely unique sketches. You can choose your favorite designer or we can divide the work in-house.

The price for pitching 10 unique sketches is 1900 euros.

Later on, the sketches can be developed into repeats and finalized as production-ready .pdf -files, however, it is not a must. As you are requesting the patterns on commission with specific attributes, we can not sell the same pattern to anyone else. Saying this, we transfer all commercial rights to you when the pattern is finalized.

The price for one pattern created on commission is 1900 euros.

All those above services are trademarked design services of Patternsfrom Agency. Looking forward to working with you.