Blockchain technologies in creative industries -webinar series

Published: 23/01/2023

Recently, it has been a challenge to avoid words like cryptocurrency, the Metaverse, blockchain, Web3, or letter combination NFT. How many really know what these words include? How many understand the potential that blockchain technologies provide for creative industries?

We at the biggest Scandinavian textile design agency got interested in this mystic topic and all those opportunities that it provides. A quick scratch has approved that the virtual world is here already: cows milk better when wearing VR goggles, brands, Nike as the leader, launch new collections at virtual catwalks, and digital art is sold easily and at a good price. People create and lose fortunes with cryptocurrencies.

It feels like the virtual world is still like the wild Wild West, with space for all kinds of applications and organizations. It seems like there are no businesses that would not fit this world. The content in the virtual world will be developing from what it is today – and creatives can the content business! Agents and managers, as the representatives of the artists, are professionals that understand the business side and the agreements. Now, it is definitely time for people in creative industries to understand blockchain technologies!

Don’t worry, you have not missed the boat yet! Thanks to a grant from AEL-säätiö, we will organize eight one-hour-long webinars around the theme under 2023, and you are invited! Each event has its own theme, and there will be two to four panelists discussing it. The themes will become more precise over time, however, our aim is to find out e.g. following: what is going on in the virtual worlds right now and what is happening in the future? What kind of digital content is used and demanded? What kind of Metaverse strategies do brands have? How can digital ownership be approved with blockchain technologies? What is virtual consumption like in the future? What possibilities does Web3 provide for entrepreneurs in creative industries?

There is space for 90 guests at the free live streams. You need to sign up for each event separately. We will record the webinars, and the recordings will be available as a link after the speaker introduction soon after each event.

The dates, themes, and speakers of the webinars

The dates, themes, and panelists for the autumn session will be published later.

Warmly welcome!

Past events

Wed 15.2.2023 at 16.00 (Europe/Helsinki) Mitä ovat lohkoketjut, Web3, NFT ja the Metaverse, ja miksi luovan alan yrittäjien pitää olla niistä kiinnostuneita? Keskustelemassa digitaalisen muodin tutkija Natalia Särmäkari/Aalto Yliopisto, luksusbrändeille Web3-markkinointistrategioita suunnitteleva Emma Kirjavainen sekä kuvataiteilija ja NFT-artisti Matti Pietari Järvinen. (Discussion will be in Finnish)

***The recording is available here***

Wed 15.3.2023 at 16.00 (Europe/Helsinki) NFT and the Metaverse applications. In conversation founder Supreet Raju/OneRare and director of the Digital Finnish National Gallery programme Johanna Eiramo/Finnish National Gallery.

***The recording is available here***

Wed  19.4.2023 at 16.00 (Europe/Helsinki) Who is using NFTs and the Metaverse today? In conversation Wesa Aapro/Yleisradio, Sointu Karjalainen/The Good Cartel and Krista Jäntti/EventuallyXR.

***The recording is available here***

Wed 24.5. 2023 at 16.00 (Europe/Helsinki) Digitaaliset immateriaalioikeudet. Keskustelemassa Mikko Antikainen/Jyväskylän Yliopisto, Henri Kaikkonen/Bird&Bird. (Discussion will be in Finnish)

***The recording is available here***