Jacquard designs for baby blankets

Published: 26/10/2023

Lithuania-based company Barker Textiles is one of our longest-lasting customers. We have supplied several jacquard designs for baby blankets for them over the years. Over two consecutive years, Barker Textile’s high-quality blankets have been supplied for all newborn Finns in the KELA maternity package. This famous Finnish invention is delivered to all newborn Finns and their families. This year the blanket was designed by Miira Zukale, and last year by Ammi Lahtinen.

Sometimes good products and lovely designs do not reach the intended audiences. This was the case with Ammi Lahtinen’s Jumppapuput -pattern, another jacquard design for baby blankets. The intended distributor backed off, so these playful rabbits are still waiting to be able to play with, warm up, and delight young citizens and their families. The quality of Barker Textile’s production is of superb quality, with all seams carefully sewn and finished. The blankets are long-lasting, and they last easily from one generation to another. A perfectly sustainable product!

On the other hand, sometimes good products and lovely designs reach a wider audience than expected! Kesko has included Barker Textiles baby blankets into its collection, so Ammi Lahtinen’s Päikkärit (Sleeping friends) is now available throughout Finland via Kesko’s e-commerce site! Happy shopping!