Nordic style tablecloths and bedlinen for Södahl

Published: 13/11/2018

Danish brand Södahl approached us at Heimtextil 2018, with a request to find a missing pattern for their home textile collection. Södahl has a strong brand identity, and the mood board ready for the collection. As per the tendency during the exhibition, also the representatives of Södalh sat down by our booth and looked through the piles of patterns that we had printed for the exhibition. By no doubt, the design team had already spent hours looking at Nordic patterns at that point, since there were many designers and studios from Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway at the exhibition.

After careful consideration, Södahl chose pattern Filix, designed by Miira Zukale. That would match perfectly the upcoming collection, and the lost piece of a puzzle had been found! We wrote an agreement for the usage of the pattern and the possibility to change the colorways. After settling the invoice we transferred the production-ready pattern data to Denmark. The production process had started.

As the sourcing team of Södahl collaborated closely with the in-house design team, we heard about the production process following time about a year after. At that point, we received several images of products that had Filix pattern printed on them. Compared with the original data file, the colors were much lighter pink and green.

We are happy to supply single patterns to companies such as Södahl with a strong brand and finished mood boards. We do have that little extra that the in-house designers are missing.

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