Ilana Vähätupa

Grayscale pattern designs by Ilana Vähätupa

Ilana Vähätupa’s close-to grayscale pattern designs are inspired by nature: stones, rocks, callunas, and lichens.

Patternsfrom Agency’s design services in a nutshell

Besides of designing single patterns, we work also with large design management projects. Here below you can read about Patternsfrom Agency’s design services in a nutshell. Creative pitch We have a stock of hundreds of patterns in production ready .pdf -files. This package includes our top picks based on your wishlist: more specified wishes give […]

Happy Scandinavian springtime!

The colors of Scandinavian springtime have fresh tones of green, yellow and pink. We designed a collection of 12 patterns – hope you enjoy it!

Pattern design trends: Whimsical

Wild and quirky patterns with exciting colors as well as funny characters. That is included in our Whimsical pattern trend.

Non-exclusive patterns – same pattern is used by different customers

How do exclusive and non-exclusive patterns differ? With non-exclusive terms, several companies have the right to use the same pattern.

From pattern to product

Follow the path of Ilana Vähätupa’s idea for a pattern to a finished product sold in Japan.

Looking for the identity

When was the last time you took a look at the front page of Patternsfrom Agency? Have you seen any developments in it recently since we changed the logo? The logo is not the identity, but it is part of it. The Stooripuu workshop some weeks ago motivated us to re-design our company’s identity even […]