Our Finland-based designers design unique Nordic patterns into three pattern concepts: Classy, Lovely and Whimsical. The portfolio below introduces you to the concepts. The ready-made patterns are divided into four groups depending on the complexity of the pattern. You can choose between three levels of licenses for the rights to use a pattern: Limited exclusive license allows you to use the pattern in one market in one product group. Semi-exclusive license lets you to use the pattern either in one market for all product groups or globally for one product group. The holders of the Global exclusive license can use the pattern in all product groups globally.  You can buy a single, ready-made pattern or several of them. You can also request some changes or modifications to an existing pattern, or ask us to create a pattern on commission, which will be designed as per your specifications. You will receive all necessary information about the pattern and the designer as well as her image for marketing purposes of the final product. Please remember that all content on this webpage is copyright by the respective authors and shall not be used in any context without explicit permission from Patternsfrom Agency.