Graphic and colorful patterns of Spring in the city by Nonodd Design Studio

Published: 14/04/2021

As it is spring in the city, let’s take a closer look at Nonodd Design Studio’s pattern family Spring in the city. These graphic and colorful patterns are designed by Tanja Aivila. Often times she designs patterns that have a clear repeat, and Spring in the city makes no exception.

“Designing and experimenting with the colors is much fun and exciting. In this pattern family, I wanted to have delicious and energetic spring feel colors.”

Different shapes of blocks, houses, windows, and doors inspirited Tanja to design In the city -pattern. It is almost like a computer game.

The ongoing pandemic is effecting also pattern designers. “Last year has revealed the meaning and importance of home. On my strolls in the city, people, houses and homes inspirit me.” The result was the playful Home sweet home -pattern.

“On a rainy day, the city is full of puddles. It makes me feel like a kid again. In my It’s playtime -pattern water springs merrily form the puddles when it is raining.”

These patterns form a nice graphic and colorful combination, so they could be used as a miniature collection. However, any of these patterns is available for individual purchasing for any markets and any product groups.