Marketing of the consumer goods and designer’s role in it

Published: 06/04/2020

As we all know, marketing of consumer goods is a branch of science, not to talk about creating and maintaining a consumer brand. Can designers support the marketing of consumer goods?

When benchmarking our competitors, we have noticed that there are many ways to approach this question. Design studios create often anonymous patterns: the studio relies on its own brand, and the designers create patterns for the studio. It is hard to know who has done the artwork. Also, studios that create not so unique patterns work often with this model.

Some studios demand the use of the designer, and they do not give an option to the customer. This is for making the designer’s own name better known.

There are patterns studios that demand an extra fee for using the name of the pattern designer when attached to the consumer good.

The approach of Patternsfrom Agency is different: we believe that consumers are willing to know who has designed their products. We are happy to share the designers’ names and biographies. Also, portrait photos are available. As we do not use element banks for any of the patterns, each pattern is unique. When designing a pattern, the designer is able to tell a story about the pattern. The designer’s inspiration to the pattern and the pattern stories are always following the purchased pattern. Saying this, our customers receive a full package of additional, pattern-related material with added value. This way our designers support the marketing of consumer goods, without any extra cost.