Wild Garden by Nonodd Design Studio

Published: 06/07/2020

Today we will have a chance to take a peek to the Wild Garden by Nonodd Design Studio. Nonodd joined our design force  permanently about a year ago, however, we had the honor to collaborate with this design duo already during Heimtextil 2018.

Wild Garden pattern family has three patterns, which can be used either independently or as a set of three. They are suitable for many uses, for example interior textiles, wallpapers or bedlinen. Designer Siri Huovila is the guide to the Wild Garden by Nonodd Design Studio.

“Animals are intriguing and it is fun to watch what they do and how they behave. This is why I love to draw them and how they end up to many of my patterns. There is always a story to be told behind each design.

I find my inspiration often when walking in the forest. If you stay still you can get a chance to follow squirrels’ chores. You can find a squirrel eating in my pattern Shadow Tail. I met this squirrel when having a coffee break in Stanley Park, Vancouver. It was waiting for us to drop some tidbits for him to eat. When between the giant trees, I felt like in a fairytale forest. It is a lovely and inspirational resting place in the middle of the huge city.

Have you ever noticed that, when you close your eyes in bright sunlight, you can see shiny flowers inside your eyelids? Or when you look at the sunlight dancing on the water? As a sunny city by the ocean, Vancouver provides several spots for these views. These sights inspired me to draw the Hayday pattern.”