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Juicy fruit and berry patterns for kitchen and dining rooms

Published: 21/10/2022

This time in Editors’ Picks you can find juicy fruits and berries with lush colors and Scandinavian style – perfect patterns for kitchen and dining rooms. The darkening evenings of Scandinavia and the upcoming polar night make us nordic people grave for colors, fruits, and berries to fill our senses and vitamin resources.

Here is a sneak peek at what our designers have in fruits and berries.

A selection of fruit and berry patterns with lush colors

The first of these three is Noora Hattunen‘s ‘Mandarin’. She loves citrus fruits and if she would be a fruit, she would be a lemon. Its first taste is a bit tart, but it is versatile and very tasty. She also loves the fresh colors of citrus, yellow, and orange. Noora is such a devoted lemon fan that she also used lemon-scented perfume for ten years. The best way for her to avoid the effects of the darkness is to drink the best tea when you brew citrus slices and ginger.

The ‘Molly’ pattern is inspired by rose hips. Since citrus doesn’t grow in the Nordics, the best alternative is rose hips filled with vitamin C. Also ‘Molly’ pattern is designed by Noora Hattunen.

Designer Siri Huovila of Nonodd Design Studio has designed the pattern ‘Blueberry’. This pattern represents the peace of mind that you gain from nature: surrounding deciduous trees, meadows, the rays of the sun, and silence. For Siri, the place for peace of mind is her family farmhouse near a lake. In her memories, there is always summer and freedom. In the pattern ‘Blueberry’ you can find delicious blueberries ripening up. It fits perfectly for example for bedding and kitchen textiles.

Patterns for the kitchen and dining rooms with Nordic forest berries

The second set of patterns for the kitchen and dining rooms have Nordic forest berries with more peaceful colors. The first of them is designed by Tanja Kallio. Tanja’s pattern ‘Marjakuntta’ is inspired by the joy and beauty of wild berries. In Finland, it is every-mans-right to pick berries in the forest. Many Finns enjoy berry-picking and eating pure wild berries throughout the July-September season. ‘Marjakuntta’ pattern is inspired by the rhythm and shape of wild blueberries. The pattern is paper cut by hand and digitally edited.

The pattern ‘Strawberry’ is also designed by Siri Huovila of Nonodd Design Studio. In the pattern ‘Wild Strawberry’ you can find delicious strawberries ripening up. It fits perfectly for example for bedding and kitchen textiles.

The last pattern of these three is a sibling of the pattern ‘Marjakuntta’. It is called ‘Köynnösmarja’ and it is also designed by Tanja Kallio. Throughout the July-September season, many Finns enjoy berry-picking. As a designer, Tanja enjoys also the visual beauty of the season. The pattern is inspired by romantic vine forms and the shape of wild blueberries.

Pink is great in kitchens!

The third set of three patterns is pink in color. The first pattern of them is the pattern ‘Pomegranate’ designed by Miira Zukale. She got excited about drawing big colorful flowers and fruits when she found her kid’s big crayons. The colorful pattern collection Orchard was born from these rough drawings. The shape of the pomegranate is interesting and inspiring both on the outside and inside, and designed a colorful pattern from these studies.

Tanja Kallio designed a pattern called ‘Vadelma’. It is a pattern inspired by a generous raspberry crop and what you see when crouching down in a wild raspberry bush. The painted pattern has a romantic feeling.

The last of these patterns is a pattern called ‘Mansikka’ also designed by Tanja Kallio. Who would not like to taste strawberries when they are most delicious? Tanja painted this pattern with pictures of strawberries when they are too beautiful to eat.

Some more juicy patterns for kitchen and dining rooms in Nordic style

The first pattern of the last set of patterns for kitchen and dining rooms is called ‘Cherry’ and it is designed by Noora Hattunen. She thinks cherries are the most delicious thing you can find in her garden! And how pretty, playful and happy the little red sweet thing looks! Birds like them too, though.

Tanja Kallio has designed the second of these patterns. The pattern is called ‘Roppo’. When retiring after a long day in the forest, go to bed and close your eyes, the only thing you see is bushes full of perfect berries. This vision was her inspiration for designing this pattern.

The last pattern in this set is Miira Zukale’s pattern called ‘Marjat’, which is a part of the pattern family called ‘Puutarha’. It is made in wintertime longing and waiting for summer. Remembering the garden life with blossoming trees and berry bushes.

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