Pattern for foil printing

Published: 06/04/2021

The pattern Winter flowers by Miira Zukale is a great example of how the patterns can be modified to the customer’s needs based on the material and technical demands. This time the customer, Deconovo, was in the need of a pattern for foil printing.

Miira’s sketches are always handmade and she often tries out different sketching techniques and materials. The sketches for the Winter flowers pattern were made with a delicate line of soft pastel and the pattern originally had also uneven pastel-like surface.


When the customer loved the Nordic feel of this nature-inspired pattern and wanted to use the pattern for foil printing, Miira made the needed technical changes to the pattern. In the final product, these floral silhouettes have a lovely foil print surface that reflects light beautifully.

“This effect ties the pattern back to the source of inspiration in a fun way because the shiny surface reminds me of the sun reflections on snow. The first sketches were made after a skiing trip and the pattern is inspired by the plants sticking out from the snow. I’m always delighted by the interesting forms of these plants.” – Miira

It is not just Miira and the customer loving this pattern: it got sold out very quickly at the customer’s stock!

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