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Special edition of Patternsfrom Agency fabrics

Published: 13/10/2017

Do you love DIY-projects? We do and that’s why we are super-excited about Patternsfrom Agency fabrics, sold by the meter.

The collection contains patterns from four of our own designers, and the patterns come in two colorways. The patterns are mainly abstract – fitting well both the calm and classic, as well as the colorful and whimsical Nordic styles.

Material for the fabrics is 100% cotton twill. The fabric is excellent for interiors or clothing there a thicker material is appreciated. We have seen the fabrics in use as cushion covers, tablecloths, and shirts. Don’t forget to tag your DIY-project with #patternsfromagency so that we can find the outcomes!

The only retailer for this special edition of the Patternsfrom Agency fabrics is Salapakka in Helsinki. Please visit the store to find a lovely DIY-heaven!

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