Graphic floral pattern designs by Tanja Kallio

Published: 06/09/2023

The beauty of Nordic wild flora inspired Tanja Kallio to design a set of graphic floral pattern designs for her pattern family called ‘Suvi’.  These graphic and elegant designs are ideal for Scandinavian-style interiors. This pattern family is especially suitable for wallpapers but it works well also in other products such as bedding and stationery.

Tanja Kallio has fallen in love with the shape and essence of the flower in the pattern in the left corner. The pattern ‘Kullero’ pays homage to the national flower of Finnish Lapland. It is inspired by the enchanting Globeflower that blooms during Midsummer when the sun does not set at all in Northern parts of Finland.

The pattern on the top also embraces the essence of Nordic midsummer. The pattern ‘Suopursu’ is named after the Finnish name for Northern Labrador Tea. The plant’s strong, intoxicating scent is something one really could not imagine Nordic summers without.

The third pattern ‘Ulpukka’ celebrates the rich blooming season of Nordic ponds. The pattern is inspired by the yellow spatterdocks that bloom before water lilies.

This pattern family is part of our special collection where we have collected the ultimate Nordic patterns with contemporary but timeless style, color, and themes from Finland. It is called the ‘Winter Wonderland‘.

Would you like to use these pattern designs with graphic floral pattern designs for your upcoming collection?  Our pricing is based on annual licensing fees that vary between 200-450 euros depending on the geographical area you will use the pattern in, as well as the number of product groups where the pattern design will be used. Get in touch with us, and let’s discuss the terms and prices!