Patterns for autumn season by Miira Zukale

Published: 02/11/2022

Autumn moods inspired Miira Zukale to design the pattern family ‘Pulunen’, and that is why these are perfect patterns for autumn season interiors. The whole pattern family is created with floral-inspired strokes made with markers or by painting with ink. Miira is mastering the Scandinavian style as her patterns are timeless and still attached to this moment.

The first pattern on the top of the picture is called ‘Kujerrus’ (Engl. cooing), meaning pigeons’ sound. It is a hand-painted floral surface pattern with a slightly nostalgic feeling.

The main pattern of the pattern family is called ‘Pulut’ (Engl. Pigeons). It is composed entirely of small flowers and leaves painted with ink. There are two pigeons in the park hiding in the middle of flowers. Can you find them? Or are they perhaps lovebirds kissing each other?

The third pattern ‘Ruohot’ (Engl. grasses) on the bottom right is a patchy checkered pattern. It’s made of hand-painted small ‘grasses’ and it’s at the same time nature-themed as well as abstract.

This pattern family is especially suitable for bedding, bedroom wallcoverings, or other interior textiles and accessories. Would you like to use these patterns for the autumn season in your upcoming collection? Get in touch with us, and let’s discuss the terms and prices!