2 years as a textile design agency!

Published: 02/03/2021

On March 4th 2021 Patternsfrom Agency has been operating 2 years as a textile design agency! Happy birthday to us!

One year ago we wrote about the path that led us to the company that we were back then. During the 12 months thereafter, which is pretty much the entire Covid-19 time, we have been concentrating on developing the services and design processes internally. We held several webinars with the themes that we tend to get most inquires of, and those are published on our Youtube-channel. We launched also free virtual backgrounds for Zoom/Teams/Google Meets meetings, to help you in times of virtual meetings and messy homes.

However, the biggest achievement for the past year is the digitalization of our pattern archive. As the archive sounds old-fashioned and dusty, our digital storage for the patterns is called a pattern library. Also, as our business model relies on the licensing terms, we consider the pattern library to be a perfect fit for us: just like by borrowing magazines and books you can gain knowledge and great success, the same applies to our patterns – good pattern combinations make attractive collections, which interest people – and make you to success!

Currently, you need a librarian to guide you through our library of more than 1000 patterns. For successful searches, you should have an idea of what you are willing to see. The more precise search terms lead to better hits! As search terms, you could give mood boards, colors, motifs, sketching methods, direction, etc. Also, if you love the style of one of our designers, we can show you all her patterns at once. The combinations are endless!

A dive into the library takes usually about 30 minutes. In that time we have the chance to discuss the licensing terms too: we make sure that by optimizing the product groups and markets, you will get the exact perfect cost-efficient license for your needs, and you pay no extra for the license. Book your time with us librarians today!


Another visual achievement is our new homepage. Did you take a look at it already? We are happy to hear your comments about it! When re-designing it, we realized that Patternsfrom Agency is the biggest textile design agency and pattern design service provider in the Nordics. Pretty good for a two-year-old, huh?

It has been a great journey so far, so thank you to our dear customers who believe in our knowledge and skills. We look forward to many more years to come as a textile design agency!