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Creating a brand with patterns

Branding is all about conceptions and the same need for creating a brand applies both textile manufacturers and textile designers.

Design royalties and the minimum price for a pattern

There are as many ways in selling the designs and their rights as there are designers and their agents. In contrast to many other design houses, the approach of Patternsfrom Agency is not to sell the design, but to lease it, as the copyrights remain in all cases at our designers.

Season’s Greetings and Happy Year of the Tiger 2022!

Another year is coming to its end and it is soon time to enjoy the happy holiday season and the start of the year of the tiger 2022. May it be a prosperous one for you!

Pattern design trends 2022 + launch of pattern design collection

Our continuous study on pattern design trends gets its climax on January 14th 2022 when we make our first-ever launch of a pattern design collection online. 

Helsinki Design Week 2021: Sustainable sourcing of textiles in India Sept. 17th 14-16 EEST

Is sustainable sourcing of textiles possible in India, and how to work with Indian subcontractors? This workshop gives you the answer!

Helsinki Design Week: Hottest designers of Scandinavian style – Webinar on Sept. 14th

Are you looking for a professional designer interpreting Scandinavian style? Look no longer, as we have curated the best ones for you. Joint the webinar on Sept. 14th during Helsinki Design Week.

Three pattern concepts – classy, lovely and whimsical

We want to help to find our customers to find easily suitable patterns, so we are about to launch the first patterns in our new pattern concepts. Which category the featured image Seitsemän kukkaa by Maria Tolvanen falls into in your opinion?

Texilist workshop for the Nordic home textile market 31.5.2021

Texilist will organize a workshop for the Nordic home textile market for textile manufacturers on 31.5.2021 at 5 PM (IST) – with Patternsfrom Agency’s Jenni and Kristiina as the guest speakers!

License types for pattern designs

How do limited exclusive, semi-exclusive, and global exclusive license types for pattern designs differ at Patternsfrom Agency?