Finland stuff

The week for animals – Eläinten viikko

This week, Eläinten viikko, is dedicated for animals, and especially cats and their wellbeing. Get to know our dear furry friends!

Free virtual backgrounds for Zoom

Tired of those default backgrounds or showing your messy home during important video meetings? We offer free virtual backgrounds for Zoom to brighten up your meetings with Scandinavian pattern design! We provide 10 options for you for free, all designed by Finland-based professional textile designers. Get to know the patterns, click your favorite one open, […]

Goals for the New Year 2020

The first week of the new year, as well as the new decade, is almost over. We took time to set up some goals for the new year 2020.

Blooming flowers and floral patterns

To honor the blooming flowers and midnight sun, we digged our archives for the oldies and goldies of our floral patterns.

25 shades of green

The spring season in Finland is defined by the green color. We picked 25 shades of green just by standing by a window and looking outside.