Webinaari: Kotimaisten painokuosien kustannustehokas hankinta 11.11.2020

Patternsfrom Agency suosittu webinaarisarja saa jatkoa 11.11.2020, jolloin aiheena on kotimaisten painokuosien kustannustehokas hankinta.

Patternsfrom Agency is in Youtube!

Are you interested to hear how Patternsfrom Agency operates? As Patternsfrom Agency is in Youtube, it is easier than ever to get to know us and our ways of working!

Cost-efficient sourcing of unique pattern designs

Many designers sell their unique designs with a high lump sum for global rights for any usage. However, you can easily save up to 75% for the design fees!

Virtual pattern design trade fair in our minds

We are investigating the interest for virtual pattern design trade fair. Please answer to our short inquiry about the topic!

Business Finlandin “koronarahoitus”

Business Finlandin “koronarahoitus”, eli Liiketoiminnan kehitysrahoitus häiriötilanteissa sai myös meidät liikkeelle. Koska rahoitus ja sen kohteena olevat hankkeet ovat aiheuttaneet keskustelua valtakunnan medioissa, avaamme asiaa omalta kantiltamme ja kerromme hakuprosessista.

Webinar: Sourcing pattern designs during Covid-19 / June 9th

Patternsfrom Agency will organize a webinar with tips and shared best practices for sourcing pattern designs during Covid-19.

Free virtual backgrounds for Zoom

Tired of those default backgrounds or showing your messy home during important video meetings? We offer free virtual backgrounds for Zoom to brighten up your meetings with Scandinavian pattern design! We provide 10 options for you for free, all designed by Finland-based professional textile designers. Get to know the patterns, click your favourite one open […]

4 steps for designing unique home textile patterns

To design a production ready pattern is not as quick and simple as you think. Here we explain 4 steps for designing unique home textile patterns.

Upcoming trends for hometextiles

We found Nordic Light for classy, Vintage Treasures for lovely and Paper Plane for whimsical patterns as the upcoming trends for hometextiles.